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Mertpa Tarım Village markamız ile yüksek standartlı ürünler meyve ve sebze İhracatında lider firma mertpa tarım Modern ve teknolojik tesisimizde hijyenik ürün paketleme
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Mertpa Aqriculture Co. Ltd. is enthusiastic to share its konwlede and experience which span a period of more than twenty-five years. Our Company, which since its foundation has expert team on fresh fruits and vegetables exports, had become the preferred name in the sector due to its vegetables and fruits, produced with a mutual cooperation between us and experienced producers. These vegetables and fruits are produced in strict compliance to European standards and are branded as "VILLAGE" for both national and international markets.

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Kalite Belgelerimiz   Kalite Belgelerimiz    

Mertpa continues to grow strongly in its sector.

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Standing quality, punctual delivery, and reasonable prices have always been our essential principles. For us, sincerity and quality in services are conditions for succes and longevity in production.